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    Cocktail: Cocktail is a type of banquet where several alcoholic and soft drinks and easily served and easily eaten foods are served.  If the banquet is organized by a firm, an emblem or flag or cockades representing that firm; or if it is organized by a person, flowers, wreaths etc. can be included in decoration. The most important requirements for a standard cocktail lounge are a well arranged lighting system, music broadcasting and presence of specially designed cocktail tables. The most important feature of these parties is to serve maximum number of standing people in the shortest time. Cocktail preparations are easier than other organizations. In cocktail parties, guests get their drinks and food from prepared buffets. They have them on tables scattered around the lounge or in their hands while they stand.

Empting and Decorating the Lounge

After all planning are done, the area where the cocktail will take place is emptied (for example, if it is a poolside party, all deck chairs, umbrellas, chairs etc. are removed while if it is in a lounge, all chairs and tables are removed).  Cleaning and arrangement of the emptied space is carried out according to specified cocktail plan.  First, bistro tables in planned amount are brought to the room. Chairs are placed on the corners of the room in the direction If there is a certain number agreed with the party holders (for those guests who are handicapped or cannot stand long). If available, special equipment is placed (projectors, overhead projector, custom banners, decorations etc.) as specified in the agreement.

Placing Foods and Menage on Tables

Menages (salt shakers, pepper shakers, ashtrays, candlesticks, flowers and similar decorations) are placed in order of size on bistro tables covered with tablecloths. Half an hour before the service, snacks (nuts, chips etc.) and foods and drinks are placed on tables by service and kitchen personnel according to the chief’s instructions.

Different seating arrangements can be prepared in all lounges with a perfect service mentality, according to the purpose and nature of the meetings. How about generating an elite environment in your venue where you will organize a cocktail to please your guests? We wish to welcome your guests with our professionalism and your hospitality. Our expert staff will guide you to organize perfect and unforgettable events. For more information about invitation and event organizations, you can call us or send an e-mail . . .