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    Skin care is a form of care every person should apply. It is important in terms of both aesthetics and health. Giving importance to skin cleansing will reduce skin wrinkling in future years significantly. Because there are many factors negatively affecting our skin. Among these are makeup, stress, smoking, ultraviolet radiation, malnutrition and weather changes. All these factors will show our face pale in spite of our young age. Healthy skin is bright and vivid. So, everybody should cleanse and apply necessary care to their skin from their 20s. People‚Äôs skin is not the same. So, first you need to learn your skin type by having a proper skin analysis and purchase cleansing products accordingly. Thus, knowing your skin is dry, oily or sensitive, you can use the correct product. You can purchase proper cleansing products and apply them at home. 

Paid Services: Doctor, Massage, Peeling in the Turkish Bath, Spa and Beauty Center services, Hairdresser.

    In addition, you can go to a skin care center and have general skin care once a month. This care takes about 2 hours, and cleansing, tonic, peeling, steam, mask, moisturizing processes are applied respectively. 

You should also need to watch your diet. Acne usually occurs due to zinc deficiency. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, broccoli, eggs and cheese are abundant in zinc.


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