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Turkish Bath, with its steamy ambiance focused on cleanness and water, achieved to be ahead of such alternatives as Rome, Finnish baths, steam bath, sauna and it has come to this date with its best features.

Turkish baths are places that are ideal for getting cleaned and having natural skin and body care in natural ways as well as relaxing, resting, having fun and for physical and mental purification.

Let us list the benefits of Turkish bath both to our skin and our health:

  • Relieves stress, relaxes mind,
  • Resolves muscle pains, tensions and relaxes joints,
  • Increases lymphatic system cleanness,
  • Increases blood circulation, heart rate and metabolic rate,
  • Reduce sinus congestion,
  • Cleans skin by removing dead skin, allowing fresh skin to come to surface and keeps skin fresh and young,
  • Steam baths are very effective to cleanse body from fat-stored toxins.

Steam Bath;

  • •Steam bath is the easiest method to cleanse our body from toxins. This way, your skin pores are opened, millions of sweat glands begin to secrete, your body expels toxins.


  • Sauna expands capillaries in the skin and stabilizes your blood pressure. Your body heath increases by 1-2 degrees, hence strengthen your defense mechanism against microbes and viruses.
  • By means of temperature in the sauna, water and toxin balance in your body is stabilized by sweating, skin pores open and cleaned.
  • Wood frame in the sauna absorbs vapor and maintains moisture, it also prevents burning of the body as it is a poor conductor,
  • Entering sauna regularly allows pores to open through sweating so skin acquires a very smooth and fresh appearance by removal of dead cells,
  • Sauna allows oxygen to enter into cells more intensely by accelerating and organized circulation system and especially increasing blood proteins.
  • Relaxing and soothing effects of sauna eliminate fatigue and stress and has a positive effect on nervous system,
  • Sauna increases antibody production, strengthen defense system and makes us very resistant against external influences,
  • Entering sauna after exercise allows removal of lactic acid through sweating, which causes muscle pain,
  • With its ambiance and structure, bath relaxes mind. It diminishes muscle pains and tensions,
  • Plays role in getting rid of toxins by increasing blood circulation, heart rate and metabolic rate. For this reason, heart patients are not recommended to enter sauna,
  • Reduces sinus congestion, relaxes airways,
  • With a good rubber, dead cells are removed and fresh skin is allowed to generate so skin remains young and fresh. It is the best form of skin care performed in a natural way.

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