Personel Data Protection Law


This explanatory notification to Law No. 6698 ‘Protection of Personal Data’ (KVK Law) was prepared as part of the processing and transmission of the “Personal Data” of individuals. According to the law №6698, any relevant information that you shared with our company will be considered as “Personal data”.
Insofar as the security of your personal data is very important to us, your personal data will be stored in the most secure conditions and in accordance with the law, as required by legal obligations
a) Data Specialist and Representative
The Salamis Resort Hotel, as the “Responsible for the Data”, will handle the processing of data under the Law No. 6698 “Protection of Personal Data” (the KVK Law) as described below.
b) For which purpose your personal data can be processed
Personal data is collecting by our company, as well as by individuals and legal entities that are in business relations with our company to provide information about updates, for the conclusion and execution of contracts with you, to remind you of the fulfillment of legal obligations, hosting various advertising and marketing events, surveys and polls in order to get your opinion, identify suitable products, projects and services for you, develop them in accordance with your requests, to provide effective customer service, notify you of any changes in domestic policy and legislation that may be relevant to you and make other notifications regarding you, as celebrating birthdays, lotteries or participating in contests, giving presents and other similar events, promotions and special offers for you, informing you by email, SMS and fax, publication of newsletters, magazines, articles about campaigns, search for profiles of our visitors, evaluation of requests, questions and complaints, implementation of the personnel policy of our company timely response to your requests and questions according to 5th and 6th articles of the Law No. 6698 about conditions and purposes of processing personal data.
c) To whom and for wich purpose the personal data processed can be transferred
Collectied personal data is processed in accordance to the principles of law and integrity, refined and, if necessary, updated, with specific, clear and legitimate goals., Personal data are collecting, limiting and dispensing for certain tasks, under the relevant legislation it can be stored for the time necessary to achieve the task for which they were processed. In addition, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 8 and 9 of the KVK Law and provaded to the necessary security measures and restrictions listed in item b) of this statement, personal data can be transferred to indirect / direct, domestic / international affiliates or subsidiaries cooperating or providing services / support / advice to our company, as well as our project / program / finance partners internal / external / international, government / private institutions and corporations, companies and other third parties or associations, consultants, shareholders or business partners of our organization, The Central Registry Agency and other authorized agencies, suppliers or subcontractors.
According to the necessary security measures, Salamis Resort Hotel may store your personal data on servers or other electronic media located both in Turkey and abroad.
d) The method of gathering your personal data and its legal justification
Your personal data is collecting by our company from various available channels. (head office of Salamis Resort Hotel, branches, agencies, sales offices or other subcontractors or offices business partners through which you could communicate, call centers, websites, mobile applications and similar electronic trading platforms, social networks or other publicly available Media, etc.). Your personal data may be collected, processed, transferred and stored for the purposes set out in items (b) and (c) of this text, in accordance to the requirements for the processing of personal data and the goals set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVK Law.
Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the time required by the legal obligations, or in accordance with the time permitted by the applicable legislation.
d) Your rights as a personal data owner
As the owner of personal data, when submitting a claim regarding your rights to our Company using the methods outlined below, our Company will fulfil your request for free and as soon as possible within up to thirty days. However, if the Personal Data Protection Council provides for payment, the fee will be charged in accordance with the tariff set by our Company. In this context, personal data owners:
• find out if personal data has been processed,
• request information about the processing of personal data,
• request information about third parties inside or outside the country to which personal data is transmitted,
• to require correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing and to require notification of third parties to whom the transfer of personal data was made,
• despite processing in accordance with the provisions of the KVK Law, to request the deletion or destruction of personal data in case of elimination of the reasons for working with them, as well as to request the notification of third parties who have received the data transfer,
• objecting to the emergence of a result against the individual person himself by insisting on analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
• in case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data, it has the right to demand the removal of the loss.
Pursuant to Article 13 clause 1 of the Law KVK, you may send your request to our Company in writing to use your rights mentioned above. According to Article 11 of the KVK Law, you can request the satisfaction of your rights by filling out the form on the website and affixing it with a wet-signed copy to the address to the Customer Relations Department of Salamis Resort Hotel, together with the documents proving your identity, hand over personally or send it through a notary.
Our Company reserves the right to make changes in this explanatory notification due to changes in the KVK Law and the methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Council.

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